Classes & Admission



Admissions start in January for the following June. Parents intending to get their child admitted in playclass need to fill in a temporary form and submit it at the school office. They will be called by the school in January for admission.



Children of StartRight playclass will be given first preference for LKG. They will be informed about the details of LKG and they have to complete the formalities before the deadline. After the deadline, children who have applied for LKG from outside the school, will be considered for admission. If admitted, these new children need to sit in our playclass for at least 3 months.



Children admitted in the LKG will automatically go into UKG. Children from other schools will be considered only if there are vacant seats when children leave StartRight.


Std 1

Children of UKG are admitted into our Std I . Formalities for admission into Std I have to be completed as instructed in the circular sent through the children. This is because, we have less number of seats in Std I than in UKG. After the deadline, children from other schools will be considered, if there are vacant seats.



Children of Std I will progress to II, III & IV automatically. Children from other schools will be considered if there are vacant seats.

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